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Clarity and Alignment Sessions

$100 for a session of 1 hour, 1.5 Hours $150

Phone or Zoom Distance sessions worldwide

Are you feeling stuck, conflicted, confused or unsure about what you desire to create in your life and how to move forward?

In these sessions, I will assist and support you to get clear on and start aligning with your desires in any area of your life, Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Work/Career, Financial and Purpose. Often when we want to change or upshift in an area of our life subconscious resistances arise and manifest as feeling stuck, conflicted, confused and unsure.  Once you can identify the causes of these resistances you can take action to dissolve them and move more into alignment with creating what you desire.

Biofield Tuning Sessions can greatly assist by releasing old memories, traumas, associated beliefs and patterns that are responsible for these resistances.

Clarity and Alignment Session 1.5 hours + a Biofield Tuning Session 1.5 hours

3 hours: $300

Clients Testimonials

I stumbled across Ascenta through a friend’s recommendation and I’m so grateful. Each session has been profound and I’ve received deep shifts on challenges that no other therapy (and I’ve tried it all!) have been able to shift. Ascenta is a gift to me and I highly recommend seeing her for a deeper connection to yourself and your wholeness. 

Grace T.

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