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All Sessions below are offered via Zoom or Phone from any location around the world.

Cautions to be considered prior to having Biofield Tuning Sessions include Cancer, Pregnancy, Pacemakers, Terminal illness or end of life, Recent concussion, Heavy metal toxicity and Morbid Obesity which can create profound toxicity.

Eileen McKusick describes Biofield Tuning
Free Biofield Tuning "Overcoming Overwhelm " audio session

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All sessions are offered via Phone or Zoom from any location around the world.


Biofield Tuning is a non-medical therapeutic modality that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or Biofield (Auric field), that surrounds the human body, to induce deep tangible relaxation. It allows one to release old memories and traumas in a gentle and effective way. The coherent input of a tuning fork gently supports the body in recognising and correcting its own vibrational imbalances. Biofield Tuning is very beneficial in addressing the underlying causes of Health, Relationship, Career and Financial Issues including Anxiety, Depression, Traumas, Fear, Grief, Guilt, Shame, Addictive cravings, All types of Pain, Adrenal Fatigue, Headaches, Hormonal imbalances, Digestive issues, Respiratory issues and many more . Biofield Tuning enhances health and wellbeing.

Biofield Tuning Session can be done at a distance,  Because our Biofields are holographic in nature we are able to imagine or intend to do a Biofield Tuning session just the same as we would in person. The recipients body or hologram is placed on the table. These sessions can be conducted live over the phone from any location worldwide.

All Biofield Tuning Services

Biofield Tuning Session: $200 for a session of 1 hour 30 minutes

These sessions are beneficial in addressing the origins of specific Issues in any chosen area of life, Health, Relationships, Career/Work and Finances.  A minimum of 3 Sessions is recommended at 1- 2 week intervals.

Biofield Tuning Balancing Tune Up : $120 for 1 Hour

This session facilitates balancing and harmonising the energy system of the body allowing more relaxation, centredness and mental clarity , This tuning is particularly beneficial when feeling overwhelmed and out of Balance.

Biofield Tuning Balancing Tune Up

For children 5-12 years old:  $65 for 45 minutes.

Facilitates the alleviation and release of everyday stress and anxiety that children experience. 

Adrenal Reset: $120 for 1 Hour 

The Adrenal Reset is a powerful way to restore the Adrenal glands to a healthy, happy rhythm. The Reset is done using Tuning Forks in the field and allows for the release of stress, fear and anxiety that has compromised healthy Adrenal function. Adrenal health can be affected by chronic stress from past and present traumatic experiences and from living busy stressful lives with no time for rest and relaxation. This may require up to 3 sessions to restore a healthy rhythm.

Biofield Tuning Relationship Session: $120 for 1 hour

This session is done between 2 people. It can reveal energy patterns between them that relate to past wounds. The intention is to harmonise the origins of current disharmony within the relationship.  This is done with both individuals sitting opposite each other and moving through the field of the chakra that is prioritised,  with tuning forks to release, balance and harmonise the dissonances, resistances and blocks that present on both sides.

Biofield Tuning Business Relationship Session: $120 for 1 hour  

This session facilitates the releasing , balancing and harmonising of the origins of blocks to being in harmonious relationship with your business,  opening the way to greater alignment for  support, success and fulfillment in your business.

Client Testimonial

I have had many one on one Biofield Tuning sessions with Ascenta. Each session profoundly transformative.  I always experience great shifts afterwards in my life.

Cara F.

I have attended numerous Biofield Tuning sessions over the last 3 months with Ascenta and find this modality of healing subtle and effective in helping me to work through challenges in my life. Ascenta is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable in this unique field of work and I  can highly recommend her.


A few months ago I did the business tuning session not knowing what to expect. I’d felt quite blocked in my business. Almost immediately I noticed shifts from the superficial (I had 300+ new followers on Instagram within weeks) to the profound- I had clarity on my next steps and was confident enough to do them. Business had felt so hard before but after just one session, it felt like things were finally coming together. I can’t explain it, but it has worked for me.
Grace T.

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