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Client Testimonials


The two sessions of BQH that Ascenta has facilitated for me have been profound. The modality itself is very deep and transformational and Ascenta’s clarity, attunement and intuitive wisdom supporting and guiding the session created such a safe and potent container that allowed for a very deep journey. She is a masterful facilitator. Months later I am still receiving the gifts and new insights from both experiences. I highly recommend a session and look forward to another myself.


Ascenta helped me greatly to review an issue I had and move forward into reviewing my feelings about it and reconnecting with my higher self to facilitate a deeper understanding and totally resolved the issue. 3 months later and my life in terms of work and personal happiness has drastically improved.  I am able now to rise above things and know that things are happening as they should be. I now take time to thoughtfully reflect and just be in the space of the present. 
I thoroughly recommend Ascenta for BQH sessions - they are truly a life changer.

Grace T.

I stumbled across Ascenta through a friend’s recommendation and I’m so grateful. Each session has been profound and I’ve received deep shifts on challenges that no other therapy (and I’ve tried it all!) have been able to shift. Ascenta is a gift to me and I highly recommend seeing her for a deeper connection to yourself and your wholeness. 

Maria T

I started Biofield Tuning with Ascenta at one of the most challenging periods in my life and receiving healing from her has been the greatest blessing of all. I'm constantly left blown away by her amazing intuitive nature, her incredible knowledge, serenity and the loving care that she shows her clients. She always knows exactly what I need and her healing skills have been proven to be powerful... the changes in my life since starting healing with Ascenta have been incredible and I'm always looking forward to our next sessions... they always leave me feeling lighter, more clear headed, more motivated and much happier. Thank you Ascenta for all that you are and do. I'm forever grateful for finding you.


I recently had a BQH session with Ascenta and I am very happy about it. She ensured to discuss my questions in detail and later to explore the answers during the hypnosis. I felt safe in her beautiful energy. Her variety of gifts for helping clients makes her unique.


I have been receiving Biofield Tuning with Ascenta for several months and have had amazing results in shifting emotional, spiritual, physical and relationship blocks. It has helped me shift suicidal thoughts and depression, obsessive thinking and energy blocks around ex-partners still in my energy field, Improved family relationships and communication, helped clear past life blockages effecting my current path, helped me ground into my body and create feelings of safety and security, moved trauma stuck in my body from sexual trauma and helped with physical pain and long term illness. Having done a lot of work within healing and therapy modalities I am highly impressed with the energetic results and scope of Biofield tuning along with the skill and knowledge that Ascenta brings to the field. The sky is the limit with this type of clearing and I look forward to continuing this journey with Ascenta. 


I have been supported by Ascenta for years so I was excited to try out her quantum healing session. I had no expectations going in but was also excited and curious as I have experienced such incredible support from Ascenta. I'm so glad I jumped in. It has been a month since my session and I certainly feel different. And also more like me. I feel like the persistent shame that has been hard to shift finally has shifted. My persistent self-doubt and confusion about my purpose suddenly feels transformed into certainty, clarity and trust. I would highly recommend this session for people who have tried lots of things but are still experiencing  persistent limiting patterns in their lives or if they're seeking clarity.

Cara F.

I have had many one on one Biofield Tuning sessions with Ascenta. Each session profoundly transformative.  I always experience great shifts afterwards in my life.


I have attended numerous Biofield Tuning sessions over the last 3 months with Ascenta and find this modality of healing subtle and effective in helping me to work through challenges in my life. Ascenta is amazingly skilled and knowledgeable in this unique field of work and I  can highly recommend her.


I had a lovely BQH session with Ascenta. She was warm and easy to talk to and very thorough with her questions so she could get the best outcome of our time together. I received the clarity that I needed.

Thank you Ascenta for holding space for me. I really appreciate it.


I have received Biofield Tuning sessions for several months, both individually and in group sessions. The effect is subtle and not always recognized by oneself. However, when I asked my family if they had noticed any difference in me there was a resounding 'yes'...followed by a list of changes.  I must admit it was great to hear this.  I love the fact that my relationship with my family is more comfortable. If I was to use one word to describe my experience it would be to say I am happier and with that, I laugh more. 

Amanda M

Receiving healing from Ascenta has transformed the pain I have carried my whole life. Her ability to intuitively ‘know’ exactly what I need in each session and deliver it with love, compassion and humor when needed creates a lovely safe space where I am able to trust and heal.
Ascenta’s experience and knowledge in the healing arts is extraordinary, she uses it to guide you through self-discovery and transformation with gentleness and integrity, to work with her is a blessing.

Samantha L

I have had a number of distant Biofield Tuning sessions with Ascenta and it is by far the most powerful modality I have ever experienced! The shifts in my life have been remarkable. The greatest thing is it is so easy but deeply effective. In my most recent session we worked on my business and during the session I could feel the blocks to success rise to the surface and just as gently leave. The results were almost immediate. The next day business was noticeably better and, most importantly, I felt confident and clear in the actions I needed to take to move forward successfully and I'm sure it will continue (I am writing this three days after this session). Ascenta holds a compassionate and safe space and her input throughout the session acts as a guide as you journey through the healing process. Thank you Ascenta! Your work is amazing. 


Ascenta possesses innate wisdom and deep intuition. When I first made an appointment with Ascenta, I was suffering from severe anxiety and bouts of depression, which no other mainstream healthcare professionals had been able to adequately address. Over several months I had regular EFT sessions with Ascenta. These sessions enabled me to identify and release destructive thought patterns and beliefs, which were causing my mental health problems. Through EFT facilitated by Ascenta, I was able to reform my thinking and worldviews and thus become free of my acute anxiety and prevent myself from falling into depressed moods. Ascenta has empowered me to move forward in my life with confidence,  to let go of the past and to stop recreating what I don’t want in the present. It was a challenging and intense process but one that has transformed me, as a person and my relations with others. I would highly recommend Ascenta’s EFT sessions to anyone committed to improving their overall quality of life. Most importantly, I can now use EFT by myself, whenever I feel the need and thus never relapse to the former ‘dark period’ of my life.

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