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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT )

$120 for a session of 1 hour

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) works with mind/body energy system to reduce or eliminate all kinds of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual discomfort. EFT involves tapping on acupuncture points along meridians and being tuned into a particular problem or issue. It is very easy to learn and apply in your life. With EFT specific issues can be dissolved in hours instead of months or years. EFT can be used for Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Depression, Mental/Emotional overwhelm, Confusion, Obsessions, Compulsions, Conflict, Grief, Loss, Guilt, Shame,

Addictive cravings, Panic attacks, PTSD and abuse issues. It is highly effective for pain and symptom management of conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Headaches/Migraines, Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee Pain, Fatigue, Hormonal Imbalances and Physical Traumas. EFT can be used to address and resolve the underlying causes of relationship, financial, career and health issues .


EFT is completely safe and effective for all ages including children, teenagers and the elderly.

Zoom or phone one on one sessions globally may be arranged by appointment

Client Testimonial

Ascenta possesses innate wisdom and deep intuition. When I first made an appointment with Ascenta, I was suffering from severe anxiety and bouts of depression, which no other mainstream healthcare professionals had been able to adequately address. Over several months I had regular EFT sessions with Ascenta. These sessions enabled me to identify and release destructive thought patterns and beliefs, which were causing my mental health problems. Through EFT facilitated by Ascenta, I was able to reform my thinking and worldviews and thus become free of my acute anxiety and prevent myself from falling into depressed moods. Ascenta has empowered me to move forward in my life with confidence,  to let go of the past and to stop recreating what I don’t want in the present. It was a challenging and intense process but one that has transformed me, as a person and my relations with others. I would highly recommend Ascenta’s EFT sessions to anyone committed to improving their overall quality of life. Most importantly, I can now use EFT by myself, whenever I feel the need and thus never relapse to the former ‘dark period’ of my life.



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