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 $120     1 Hour Session

Quantum Connect is a quick and fun way to connect with your ever-present Higher Self. There is no need for relaxation, trance, hypnosis or preparation for the session. 

The sessions via Zoom entail playing games and will demonstrate and confirm with real-time experiences, how we are always connected to our Higher Self. This builds confidence in listening to this guidance in the future. 

A Quantum Connect Session is fast paced and will take no longer than 1 hour.  Come to the session via zoom, from anywhere in the world, with one question or concern that you'd like to receive an answer or guidance from your Higher Self.

You don't have to tell me the backstory of your question or concern. You will receive a recording of the session.  Please download the recording and save on your computer as I will not be saving the recordings past a couple of days for storage reasons.

Client Testimonial

The Quantum Connect session was incredible for getting clarity in my life, during a time of big changes for me. I got confirmation that all the changes were positive and part of my life’s journey. It was very healing the visit from my soul family, and they confirmed I was on the right track. Since I’ve had the session more has opened up for me and I’m continually unfurling and evolving. The QC session was much more profound and relevant for me compared to any psychic reading I’ve had.

Elizabeth E

I had a magical Quantum Connect session with Ascenta. I found healing tools I can access for myself and connected to my ancestors, she helped remind me that I always have access to my intuition and higher self. Showing me and giving me trust in my own wisdom and guidance if I just allow it. Ascenta's symbolic interpretation was very insightful, she created a safe, encouraging container in which I felt comfortable to let things flow.

Michelle Soroa

This is a gentle and safe process that allows you to access your own knowledge through a guided conversation that gives openings into your own powerful insight.
It is a safe meander that helps you to locate answers to questions that may have felt unattainable. Ascenta helps you step by step to move forward finding your own power and voice in creating entry points to your own healing.


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