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$350 for a session for 3-4 hours

All sessions are conducted via Zoom.  You will need a quiet space, a good internet connection and a headphone or earbuds with a microphone. 

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a Heart based, Intention focused consciousness exploration method allowing you to access the quantum field and multidimensional realms. In a BQH session, you are gently guided into a deeply relaxed state allowing you to connect to the wisdom of your subconscious. It is an empowering method to receive healing, expand your consciousness, grow spiritually and strengthen your connection to your Higher Self. 

You can receive clarity on your Life Purpose and a deeper understanding of the bigger picture of your life’s challenges and confirmation of your own inner knowing. In a session, you can receive answers to your most pressing questions related to any area of your life including in the areas of your health, relationships, finances or work. You can also access healing within the quantum field. Your session is directed by your Higher Self and is always for your Highest Good. 

Once you contact me regarding a session, I will email you more information and instructions for the session. Your session will be recorded and sent to you to download and keep after the session.

Client Testimonial

I recently experienced a BQH session with Ascenta. It was my first healing of this type but won’t be my last! It was beyond beneficial. I had some deep questions for my higher self around my health and ability to heal and some questions around difficulties with my family of origin. Through Ascenta’s skilled guidance I was quickly receiving answers to all my questions and more from the highest guidance. I received exactly the healing I needed in Divine timing and throughout the session felt safe and comfortable. I felt incredibly peaceful after the session and felt strong in my knowing and healing ability, so very healing.


Ascenta helped me greatly to review an issue I had and move forward into reviewing my feelings about it and reconnecting with my higher self to facilitate a deeper understanding and totally resolved the issue. 3 months later and my life in terms of work and personal happiness has drastically improved.  I am able now to rise above things and know that things are happening as they should be. I now take time to thoughtfully reflect and just be in the space of the present. 
I thoroughly recommend Ascenta for BQH sessions - they are truly a life changer.


The two sessions of BQH that Ascenta has facilitated for me have been profound. The modality itself is very deep and transformational and Ascenta’s clarity, attunement and intuitive wisdom supporting and guiding the session created such a safe and potent container that allowed for a very deep journey. She is a masterful facilitator. Months later I am still receiving the gifts and new insights from both experiences. I highly recommend a session and look forward to another myself.


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