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Biofield Tuning Practitioner - Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Facilitator, Clarity and Alignment Sessions

My name is Ascenta Fields. I practice as an intuitive holistic health and well-being practitioner and a conscious evolutionary guide. My passion is guiding, supporting and assisting people to live healthy, vibrant, fulfilling, joyful, conscious, empowered and purposeful lives. I facilitate transformation through the many modalities I am qualified to practice including Biofield Tuning, Emotional Freedom Technique, and Beyond Quantum Healing. 

For many decades I have also offered Body/Energy work through Full body Aromatherapy Treatments and Bowen Therapy but over the past 2 years I have decided to let go of all in-person sessions for many reasons so although I loved this work I am no longer offering these services in person 


I do however use Essential Oils, Crystals and Nature Essences in my offerings as I hold a deep connection to Nature and receive and transmit many Nature Essences through my healing work and writing.  I also use Toning and Light Language. 


In 2021 I became a Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner. This is a heart based, intention focused, consciousness exploration method for self healing and spiritual growth. 


Our challenges are catalysts for growth and evolution and may present through health, relationship, money or career issues, sometimes in more than one area. I can with my experience, knowledge and resources guide, assist and support you to use these challenges in ways that contribute to you changing limiting patterns, programs and beliefs that no longer serve you. Your ongoing commitment to transforming these challenges will allow you to have more fulfilling experiences in all areas of life and align you more fully to your highest potential, passion and purpose. 


I offer Zoom sessions worldwide for Biofield Tuning, Beyond Quantum Healing, Clarity and Alignment Sessions and Emotional Freedom Technique

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What I Do


Biofield Tuning is a non-medical therapeutic modality that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the bio-magnetic field, or Biofield (Auric field), that surrounds the human body, to induce deep tangible relaxation.



Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a Heart based Intention focused consciousness exploration method allowing you to access the quantum field and multidimensional realms.



EFT works with mind/body energy system to reduce or eliminate all kinds of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual discomfort.



Are you feeling stuck, conflicted, confused or unsure about what you desire to create in your life and how to move forward?



"I recently experienced a BQH session with Ascenta. It was my first healing of this type but won’t be my last! It was beyond beneficial. I had some deep questions for my higher self around my health and ability to heal and some questions around difficulties with my family of origin. Through Ascenta’s skilled guidance I was quickly receiving answers to all my questions and more from the highest guidance. I received exactly the healing I needed in Divine timing and throughout the session felt safe and comfortable. I felt incredibly peaceful after the session and felt strong in my knowing and healing ability, so very healing."




Huskisson, NSW. 2540 Australia

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