Sonic Meridian Flush

$100 for a session of 1 hour

The Sonic Meridian Flush is an hour long energetic tuning that involves using specific weighted forks and crystals on the body. This includes tuning on the face, arms, hands, legs and feet. The weighted tuning forks are applied to specific areas on acupressure points and along energy meridian lines to dissolve blocks, increase flow and support the body's natural healing abilities. Sonic meridian flush helps to reset and stimulate your life force energetic system. Sometimes the results of using the forks on the face can be very dramatic and immediate. The sound waves deeply relax patterns of "holding" in the facial muscles and stimulate the blood and lymph flow.


Some skin types plump up, making the receiver look instantly younger and refreshed.

Clients Testimonials

Receiving healing from Ascenta has transformed the pain I have carried my whole life. Her ability to intuitively ‘know’ exactly what I need in each session and deliver it with love, compassion and humour when needed creates a lovely safe space where I am able to trust and heal.


Ascenta’s experience and knowledge in the healing arts is extraordinary, she uses it to guide you through self-discovery and transformation with gentleness and integrity, to work with her is a blessing.

Amanda M.