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  • Started Feb 6

    22 Australian dollars

Biofield Tuning Distance Group Session via Zoom

Releasing Anger

Our intention is to liberate the origins of unprocessed, unexpressed Anger in our biofields. The origins of this anger stem from past events, situations, and circumstances from this and other simultaneous lifetimes and also allows for healing of our ancestors through the imprints of their experiences and resulting unexpressed Anger that we carry in our genetics.

Saturday, February 6th  2021
11 am – 12md AEST


Cost: $22 

When you book  you can pay directly into my Bank A/C or via Paypal

Zoom call-in details will be emailed to you on booking. You will need to download the Zoom app on your phone or desktop.

There is no need to open an Account with Zoom

The Zoom session will be Audio only

The biofield is the field of energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. It is composed of electromagnetic frequencies and subtle energies. It extends about 5-6 feet from the sides of the body, and 2-3 feet above the head and below the feet. Biofield Tuning is a non-medical therapeutic modality that uses sound waves produced by specific frequency tuning forks in the Biofield (Auric field), that surrounds the human body, to induce deep tangible relaxation and allows one to release old memories and traumas in a gentle and effective way. The coherent input of a tuning fork gently supports the body in recognising and correcting its own vibrational imbalances and bring it into an increasingly harmonious state.

Biofield Tuning sessions can be done at a distance as our biofields are holographic in nature so we can imagine and intend to do a Biofield Tuning session just as we would in person. These sessions will include opening your body to receive the sound and harmonizing the flow of energy through your body by connecting to the Earth and the Sun via Earth and Sun Star chakras. It allows for deep relaxation, grounding and opening up to greater energetic flow in the bio-electromagnetic system. I will connect in each session to group participants and check where we need to tune by using the pendulum.

All you need to do is to sit or lie comfortably and open to receive. Make sure you are well hydrated with water before and after the session. It is recommended to take an Epsom salts bath or foot soak on the day of the session and for next 2 days following if time permits.


I have done several group sessions and found them extremely beneficial to support healing and shift patterns, trauma and programs that have been effecting my life along personal, ancestral, family, past life and global fields. To be able
to collectively do this within a group makes it extremely affordable but also very powerful to collectively shift this energy together. Life changing work... I have seen changes in all areas of my life.


I have just completed the Group Distance series. They were fantastic !!! The group seemed to make the healing even more potent if that is possible!!! I cleared so much at a deep level I will definitely be signing up for the next one.

Here is a short video on Biofield Tuning Distance Sessions by the creator of Biofield Tuning , Eileen McKusick 

Contraindications include Cancer, Pregnancy, Pacemakers, Terminal illness or end of life, Recent concussion, Heavy metal toxicity and Morbid Obesity which can create profound toxicity.

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